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We are getting so excited about the April 2018 Stronger Conference! We’re trying out a new way to help you get there easier! Click one of the two boxes to the left or right to start a monthly subscription so you’ll be paid up in April. Payments will be divided by the amount of months left and are based on ONLY the 2-to-a-room and 4-to-a-room ticket packages (our most popular!). Stay tuned for more details on the event and other room types!

NOTE: If and when you know your roommate, please email stronger@kathycrabbhannah.com with your name (the name on your payment subscription) and the room mates you would like to request. Also, the purchase of these payment plans are non-refundable. Your financial institution will be charged monthly until payments are complete.

$249 per person

Stronger: Kathy Crabb

Stronger - Kathy Crabb HannahFor many years I have known that I would one day write a book. The Lord confirmed this several times, and I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when. I knew I wanted to put on paper my vivid memories of “that” day that God gave me the vision for the Crabb Family journey, a long time before there was a bus and a career. This was  before there was a “branded”  Crabb Family. It’s a God story, a miracle story. The many seasons of pain, the fight with evilness to keep my sanity after I was attacked in a dark parking lot by a random stranger, who cut my throat and left me for dead. That story needed to be told. My souvenir would be 43 stitches in my throat, and a lifetime of post traumatic stress syndrome. The surprise divorce I was “handed” a few months before my 50th birthday, the disbandment of the touring Crabb Family, and being forced to start over at 50. I was 52 and unemployed. This “survival” story needed to be shared. But it had to be the “right” time.

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DVD-strongerStronger: The Journey, will take you on a heartfelt trip to places you’ve rarely been. Candor is rare in ministries. Pain and “less than perfect” is the centerpiece for this beautiful woven tale of grace. This journey is raw, the struggle is real, and the storytellers are brutally honest.

The path to freedom is evident for these women. The battles are various, the trials are intense, but the road to freedom is walked, hand in hand, sisters leading sisters. They encounter mountains and rivers, but they stand victorious as an army of believers!!

Featuring Kelly Bowling, Amanda Crabb, Terah Crabb Penhollow, and the STRONGER sisters. Purchase on shop page. [/one_third_last]