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Kathy Crabb Hanna - A Stronger Christmas

No one loves the mountains more than I do. At Christmastime, those mountains are something to behold!! As I think about it… my mind’s eye I see the twinkle of a million Christmas lights, red ribbon on pretty packages, hot chocolate and rocking chairs,  and of course a massive celebration of the BIRTH of our King.

Some of us celebrate differently. We praise by the fire, we talk about dreams and prophecies on the porch while swinging or rocking, we tell our stories of survival, as the mountains serve as our own personal backdrop for the miracle-in-motion, that we have lived.

This Smoky Mountain Christmas dream is reality in 2023. We will gather, we will praise. We will eat too much, laugh too much, and cry a bucket of tears.  And we shall love EVERY minute of it.

Stronger Christmas. This will prove to be the highlight of the year!!!! If you’ve NEVER been to a STRONGER event, this is the year. I have SO many surprises up my sleeve!!!

Join us December 4-6, 2023

Ladies, gather your friends, make your plan, and join us!!!!

  • Evening Services will be at 7:00 PM at the beautiful Ridge Event Center near Dollywood!!
  • Daytime Events are still being planned. Stay tuned to the web site for updates.
  • Event Check in will be at 4:00 PM on December 4th. Check out at 10 am on December 6th.
  • The nearest airport is Knoxville if you plan to fly. Nashville is about 3 ½ hours away by car.

**We decided this year to make some rooms available for three people. In the past we’ve done single occupancy, double and quad occupancy. The group of three was always a struggle to make fit into the web site purchase page. So we’re just going to do it up front.

**Additionally, we are doing a day pass for anyone within an address that is within 50 miles of Sevierville. I hope this helps. However, know that driver’s license will be checked. This is an option for local ladies only.

**The experience of Stronger will always be ABOUT fellowship. Togetherness. Getting to know each other. So I encourage you to stay in a cabin and bond with these ladies.

**As of this moment, we only have space for 150 women in the cabins. After that, it will be hotels only.

**One person makes the purchase. There is an option to add the names of the other people in the room when you purchase. However, if you do not know, that’s OK as well. We can simply put the name on the order and indicate that it’s for multiple people. We’ve had to do this every single year. Sometimes you don’t know who your roommate is until the night before you leave. And that’s OK.

We can handle it. Bottom line is we just want you to be there. The devil is ALWAYS in the details, but the Lord will be in the building.

When you order a room, event passes are included with that room.

Order Room & Pass Below!

Choose a CABIN room below
(at Hidden Mountain)

Chose a HOTEL room below
(at The Inn At Apple Valley OR Lodge at Five Oaks).

You can also purchase an event pass only if you live within 50 miles of Sevierville.

Want to Sponsor?

Have you ever felt led to sponsor a lady to the life-changing Stronger events?

You can. You can be the reason that someone doesn’t give up. We have sponsored hundreds of women to these mountains, and the testimonies flow back (read below).

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Sponsor Someone

“I came there with my mind made up that I was finished with my marriage. I left and went home and rebuilt my home. This time with Jesus at the center.”

“Stronger was my last resort. I came there with $20 and the idea that I was never going to survive the financial crisis I was in. Someone sponsored me, so I thought…why not. I’ll just go in. If it’s free, I’ll do it. I was not prepared for what happened. Not only that I find so much hope in the gospel, I also gained 100 friends. I was the recipient of a blessing offering, that offering changed my life. I’m still serving Jesus and I’m still coming to Stronger. But I no longer need to be sponsored. My world has changed, and I am financially independent.”

“I was sponsored after my husband committed suicide. There are no words to explain how beneficial the love of these ladies was to me, in that dark moment. They were life to me. I will never get over the timing of God’s plan. I’m so thankful for whoever chose me and paid my way. I will be forever grateful.”

“I was sponsored a few years back. I’m a pastors wife, and believe it or not, there are times when we have barely enough finances to keep our children clothed. There was a drive to sponsor pastors wife’s, and I felt the urge to send a message. I was dry, I felt so alone in my life, and I was desperate, much more desperate than anyone knew. I made friends and found a support group. Stronger changed my life. I’m thankful for the person who sent this exhausted lady to the mountains. I will never be able to thank them enough.”