Prayer Closet

Today, as I reflect on stuff… know what I’m talking about, life’s ups and downs, I am SO reminded that we have a weapon. As we trudge down this road of life let’s feel Him. Let’s let Him hold us when the world left us empty.
A spouse that ditched you. Kids that hurt you. Cancer that decided it’s your turn. Or maybe it’s the health struggle that you brought on by your own choices. We do that sometimes. That phone call that changed your tomorrow. That police officer knocking on your door at 2 a.m.
And then we have the little girl inside you that screams out at the adult self you’ve become. She’s angry at the injustice and she’s occasionally angry at your lies, your hypocrisy and your inability to tell the truth and exonerate the child that was put in chains when violated. She wants you to be honest.
Unfortunately too many of you are struggling with your finances or lack thereof. You are tired, broke, and sick. The world has shown you it’s ugly side.
You’ve been asking me to pray for your needs for years. I’ve lost sleep more nights than not after reading your letters.
It’s time we organize, strategize, and allow the army of God to fight with us. 
Let’s lift up the needs of each other as we are instructed to do.
Please promise me you will pray. This “Prayer Closet” is a weapon, it’s a tool. Let’s do this!!
Let’s find our truth, let’s find our voice. It begins in a closet.
I am believing that we will see miracles and wonders as we do this. 
Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Prayer and truth results in answers and strength. 
And yes, we’ll all be stronger!!!

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