Anchored in Hope 2019


September 19-22

There’s just something about water. It’s cleansing, renewing, and brings growth. What do you get when you take a hundred spirit filled women to the beach, put them up in beach houses and have church on the beach?Amazing is the only way to describe what we’re going to experience on this trip.  Each retreat is special, each retreat is needed. But in my opinion this is a time to revive. Water, gentle breezes, music, friendships, and lots of Jesus will make this the best FOUR days you’ve ever spent at the beach.

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Girls only. All sales final, no refunds.

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More on the rooms…
The king rooms and queen rooms are for a MAXIMUM of two guests unless otherwise indicated. When you purchase the room you can bring a guest and split the cost, or keep it for a private room. Due to strict regulations from the homeowner we will NOT allow more than the designated number of people in each room. No exceptions.
There are two king rooms that have bunks in them and have a maximum occupancy of four people. The bunk BEDROOM is for three people, not to be CONFUSED with A BUNK. There is actually a bedroom that has bunks in it. It’s private and isn’t considered one of “the” bunks. It’s a bedroom. It’s small but adequate. There is a full mattress on the bottom and a twin on top. It would work for three family members or close friends.
The King room with two additional bunks is perfect for family members as well. It’s a great room for best friends too!!We will not be placing roommates together for this trip.  We recommend that all singles without a roommate sign up for a bunk. They are roomy and comfortable.
Due to limited space and limited parking, event-passes are not available for Miracle On The Mountain and Anchored In Hope.


Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;

Anchored In Hope Beach Retreat 2019
September 19-22

Check-in location: Panama City Beach, Florida

Check-In 4:00 pm on September 19th
We will depart on September 22nd around 11 am.

I am so excited that you’ve chosen to go to the beach with me and my girls, and some of my closest friends. This is sure to be the ultimate girls beach trip. I am EXCITED for what God’s going to do.

Helpful Tips:

  • Queen and king rooms are for two ladies, maximum. Bunk ROOM is for three maximum. KING ROOM with bunks is for four maximum. There’s a bunk room that is for eight, perfect for a church group, family group, or best friends. Bunks are for one person.
  • If you bought a room, you may bring the guest of your choice.
  • No air mattresses or sleeping bags. EVERY person must have a proper place to sleep, per the home-owner abiding with the state fire marshal code.
  • Carpool if possible. These are beach houses with limited parking at the property. There is additional parking offsite if necessary, so don’t panic. But the best possible solution is car-pooling.
  • We will be having services on the beach. Bring a folding lightweight lawn chair or a blanket. Either is fine.
  • If you have a favorite drink, bring it. Also, it never hurts to bring a case of water. It’s Florida folks. Water is always in demand.
  • Feel free to bring baked goods or any snacks you may want to enjoy. Remember, these are houses with fully equipped kitchens and the fellowship will include late night visits and your favorite snacks.
  • This event is small. There will be lass than 125 women in attendance. Be prepared to minister and be ministered to. Spend some time in prayer, it helps. God has prepared you for such a time as this. Lives will be forever changed during this retreat. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do.
  • If you’re anxious, nervous about meeting new people. STOP. That’s a tool of the enemy. You have an appointment to be there. Fulfill it. You will leave with more FRIENDS than you imagined possible. This is a game changer girls. Pack your flip-flops, sunglasses, and a hat and be prepared for the best beach trip ever.
  • Dress is casual. It’s the beach.Each house will have house mothers. These ladies will be able to assist you should you have questions. Their name and cell number will be in your packet at check-in

Anchored In Hope 2019

Thursday September 19th – Sunday 22nd

  • 4:00 PM – 5 PM: Check in at Oleander House at 13225 OLEANDER Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida
  • 6:00 PM: Dinner is served in YOUR beach house. Relax, get to know your housemates, and get ready to stroll down to the beach after dinner.
  • 7:30 PM: Church!!! Come TO THE WATER!!! Bring a small folding chair or a blanket!! We will be having church on the BEACH, gathered around a fire-pit!! Krystal has a word, Karen Harding and Aaron will lead us in worship. We’re going to have an old fashioned service, under the stars. Girls, this is going to be SO GOOD!!! GET ready for some LIVING water. Music, the word of GOD, and who knows what will happen. I promise you this. This will be one of the best nights of your ENTIRE LIFE!!
  • 10:30 or whenever we finish: Pajamas and ice cream sundae bar on the deck of the big white beach houses!! Consider this a slumber party for adults!!

Midnight: Lights out at all of the houses. J


  • 8-10 AM: Breakfast on the deck.
  • 9:30 AM: Short Devotion!

Friday will be a FREE beach day. You are welcome to do any type of activity you desire. There’s parasailing, jet-ski rental, pontoon rental, shopping, and of course…..the beach. That’s free, and it’s beyond beautiful. We are in beach houses in an un-crowded area!! You will love this place!!

Dinner is on your own. We suggest that you make plans with your house-mates to prepare something yummy (you will have a house mother who will co-ordinate) or my favorite, is going out for seafood. We will have several suggested places upon arrival.

  • 7:30:  Church!! Aaron and Amanda will bring a word: “The Anchor Holds.” And be ready to get your praise on with Karen Harding. You’re going to a place spiritually that you have never been!!! We are meeting in a local church. The address will be provided at check-in.  GET READY for a game-changing night!!

You will be ready for sleep after this service. GUARANTEED!!

Midnight: Lights Out!!


  • 8-10 AM: Breakfast on the deck. Again, it’s a Beach Day!
  • 2 PM: We will gather behind house B  in beach attire.  Terah will encourage you with a song and a word!! THERE’S  JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THE WATER!! The family will baptize any and all that feel led! I love water baptism. A NEW start, a fresh washing of pain, struggle, sin, and the past!! It’s not mandatory for you, but so quenching for the soul!!
  • 6:00 PM: We are going to Sharky’s for dinner overlooking the beach. The sponsored women will be comped, the rest of us are on our own. What a fun time of fellowship this will be!!! We will be doing a group picture on the beach behind Sharky’s. Don’t miss this event. We want your pretty face in the picture.
  • And of course: THERE. WILL. BE. A. CONTEST. There’s no way Kathy can do an event without a contest!! To get into the Sharky’s dinner you must WEAR A HAT.   After the “hat walk” a panel of five judges will choose a winner!! This is going to be fun. USE your imagination ladies. Decorate those hats!! Sisters, bling it, string it, decorate it, celebrate this trip with that hat!!!! The winner will win a 7 day VACATION at the PINK FLAMINGO, our beach condo!!!! Additionally, we will do our annual cake contest after dinner. Location, to be announced. The winner of the CAKE contest will ALSO receive a week at the beach!!!! Get your recipes ready girls!!!! This is serious business.
  • 9:00 PM Gather back at hour respective houses for testimony times and letter exchange.

Midnight: Lights out!


  • 8-9 Donuts and juice on the deck.
  • 9:00 Service on the beach!! Good-byes.
  • Vacate Beach Houses.

A few things you need to know:

  • You can ask questions by e-mailing
  • The temperatures: highs in the 80s, lows are typically about 70.
  • Dress is casual. If you wear a bathing suit, wear it. No offense. If you don’t, that’s fine too. No judgment either way.
  • Bring a light-weight folding chair or blanket for the beach services.
  • Upon arrival your housemother will take a grocery offering for lunch items and drinks. Give whatever you can afford. No pressure. If you can afford it, give $20. If you can’t, whatever is fine.
  • Parking is limited. Car-pool if you can. If not, we will manage.
  • If you are in a shared space, please be kind. We don’t do selfish or rude. If you’re either, we feed you to the alligators.
  • Bring a beach towel and anything you would normally need for a beach day.
  • Most importantly, come prepared for a miracle. We WILL see many.  AND THAT MY DEAR, excites ME!!!!
  • Your housemother will give directions on departure. Please do your part to ready houses for departure. It will take 5 minutes if everyone pitches in! If the houses aren’t exactly as we found them on arrival, I will be personally charged.

LOVE you girls!!! And I, for one, am excited.

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