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July 12-13 for the entire family!

I’ve been telling y’all for a couple of years that I wanted to do a party here in the Nashville area. I envision a night of sing-along, random people, taking the mic and giving us Jesus with a lyric, tears falling….and tangible unity. Ice cream, laughter, guitars, banjos, and a piano too. Sweet harmony and a little jig to go with it. Funny stories, and a few lightning bugs to light up the beautiful Tennessee sky. Smiles, happy eyes, old friends and new ones too….yes, I have a picture in my mind.☺️


I’ve had a lot of time to reflect, as I’ve worked. Some of you know that we’ve been moving and renovating. We’re still in the Nashville area, and we’re certainly planning to stay. As I’ve pondered, prayed, cried, and processed the obvious, I’ve but one conclusion…


Life is short. Let’s LIVE. See all that’s in store below!


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Friday 7 pm: Backyard concert. This will be one for the books. You might want to eat a light dinner on the way in or after you get to town. But we’re going to have hotdogs and snacks, we’re going to roast the hotdogs…. And we will have a banana split bar for your delight, but it’s mostly for my delight.

* Saturday 9:30 am: Devotions with Kelly. This will be for her unfiltered page. If you are not a part of that page, I’m going to give you a link to join. Kelly will host a breakfast devotion at her home on Saturday morning for the sweet ladies who are a part of that page. This is going to be so much fun. Note: if you are a member of the unfiltered page you do not have to register for Kellys devotional breakfast.

Here’s a link to join if you want to be a part of the community that gathers over there. It’s a sweet bunch.
Join here

* Saturday 11:30 – 3:30: We will host an open house and have all day piano singing. You will select a time slot. We will host you in groups. We have a piano downstairs, and we have one upstairs. We will be singing and playing, and we want you to join in. We’re also going to have cake.

When I say, it’s a party? I mean it’s a party.

* Saturday 6:00 pm: The Beaver Dam Supper Club, will host you for dinner on the lawn. Those gals can cook. Come hungry and be ready for another night of fabulous music.

Saturday 7:30 pm: We will fire up the music and see what happens!!! I think you’re going to have the time of your life.

I am busy, but I am happy to take your questions if you’ll be patient with me.

You can text me at 615-730-4516.

This is open to the entire family. But you will have to register every person because we’re feeding you!

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