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When my family and friends encouraged me to put this little book together, I knew it would be a mash-up of recipes, stories, pictures, and Jesus ideology. That makes editors explode. It makes publishers explode. So, once again. I am self-publishing, self editing, and giving you my life in the rawest form that’s legal! HA! Read more below, if you like…
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I have enjoyed pulling the big group of girls in: My daughters, daughters-in-law, granddaughters, and the two little great-granddaughters. They are a group of beautiful and caring girls. We’re a family that’s largely comprised of women. The age span in the immediate family is about sixty years, between the youngest, Elliana, and myself. She’s three, and I’m headed for that BIG sixty-five. The joy has been refreshing, as I’ve watched them play in icing, pander to the camera, and have food fights in the yard. It’s been fun. I appreciate my family more than I could begin to express in writing. I am truly blessed. And of course, I didn’t completely leave the boys out!! Ha!! They’re pretty awesome too. I want to confess up front, not every cake I made was pretty!! But every cake was delicious. Baking is a bit like life, we expect the exterior to dictate the quality at times. That’s not the way this thing works. So don’t be too hard on yourself when your cake is not perfect, just close your eyes and enjoy the sweetness of the taste. Yes, baking is very similar to life. Enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. For the cake will be gone one day, and we will be sad we were too busy to truly taste it. Some of us are down to the last piece, and I suggest we make the effort to enjoy each and every bite!!

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