Miracle On The Mountain 2018 Event Ticket


November 12-14, 2018

If attending, don’t miss Karaoke Tuesday! Read on below.

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Cabins in the Smokies!


Once again at the Beautiful Hidden Mountain Cabins!

Main Office Address:

Hidden Mountain Resort
475 Apple Valley Road
Sevierville, TN 37862

2018 Itenerary

We are SO excited about our time together on the mountain!! And yes, we are going to see miracles. I am thrilled to be in these services with the women and girls of my family, plus the Isaacs and Karen Harding. It’s TOGETHER time that we ALL cherish. This is a place where all are welcome; a time when we can be real, raw, and unashamed. What happens on the mountain stays on the mountain! YOUR soul will be CLEANSED!!!! I, for one cannot wait!!!

Monday, November 12th 

4:00 PM

Check in at 475 Apple Valley Road, Sevierville, TN at the Hidden Mountain Mountain Resort Lodge. The office will give you directions to the lodge.

All early arrivers will be forced to wash dishes and clean toilets!!! ☺ HAHA!!

Seriously, Let’s impress the folks at Hidden Mountain with our ability to follow directions. 4:00 o’clock MEANS 4:00 o’clock. The early arrival thing is a HUGE problem with our bunch. Let’s be RULE followers, just this one time. OKAY?

4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Freshen up in your cabin and get to know your cabin mates! 


Dinner is served in the lodge!
Kathy’s vegetable soup, buttery grilled cheese, and your awesome pies, is what’s for dinner!!!! It’s become a tradition to do soup on those chilly mountain nights.  

If you would like to participate in the pie contest, bring a pie!! GREAT prize for the winner!! Pies travel well, and keep well. Make them at home and bring them to share with your sisters!! 

Please RSVP “PIE” to 615-975-8087 if you’re planning to make a pie! ☺ I’m excited about this. I’m traditionally a cake girl, but with Thanksgiving being so near…it seemed that pies would be the ticket! Girls, start your ovens!! Let’s do this. 

7:00 PM


Praise Him GIRLS!!! We’re going to make the hills ring with music from the Isaacs, Bowlings, Crabbs, Karen Harding, and YOU!!! Group sing, group worship, group praise. MY goodness…..only God knows what’s going to happen. 

The Lord spoke to me and said that this night, November 12th, is about OUR praise. For what you ask? For what HE has already done for us. AND, For what HE is going to do for us……AFTER we have praised HIM from a NEW place! It’s time to graduate into deeper water. It’s going to happen…..on THIS night, to THESE people.

Girls. Bring your junk, your mess: Your struggles of the season, for you my dear are going to leave the mess in the mountains. You’re not packing it to take home. It will be gone forevermore.

So we’re going to praise until the Heavens open up, we will hear a word from one of these women, or two or three of these women…..you know us. No agenda. God’s in charge.

And after we’re finished, after everything has poured out the junk and our spiritual mess is addressed, we will sleep like babies and be ready for a wonderful day on Tuesday.

11:00 PM

Pajama party in your cabin: Get to know your cabin mates and nominate at least one person for the blessing offering!! You may nominate more than one if you feel it’s appropriate. 

Tuesday, November 13th

You have the entire day off!!!! Go enjoy the mountains! Spend the day in a rocker, the outlet malls, Gatlinburg, Dollywood, or anywhere your heart desires. Hang out together. Veteran girls…..those of you who know the drill, make sure everyone has a hang buddy. Invite those around you to join you. We’re friendly like that! ☺

7:00 PM


Tonight is the night that some of us will graduate from being a passive, whatever goes believer….to an intentional, purposeful, “write it out and make it plain” Christian.

This is the night that we grow up, walk away from the drama of our up and down life….and decide that we’re the CEO of our homes, the CEO of our ministries, and the CEO of our future. 

We have the GOD given ability to take control. We don’t have to be an emotional wreck every single day, we don’t have to live in lack. 

It’s graduation day!!! Let’s walk the line and graduate. We’ve earned it. 

Come see. It’s going to be a VERY special night; Especially for you girls who have walked this thing out with me. 

I am SO excited about THIS night!!

10:00 PM until ? 

Ice Cream Bar and Christian Karaoke (talent contest) in the Lodge.  Lend your talents and change a life!! If you like to sing karaoke, you’re invited. We will use this as a fundraiser to sponsor a dozen women to Stronger in the spring. I have a dozen girls that are moms of an addict. They need to be encouraged, and we all know they will be encouraged by coming to Stronger. 

We will only take 20 or so girls for the Stronger Karaoke. $100 an entry. The winner will receive a two-night stay at my cabin!! So….you’re giving to a GREAT cause, and someone will win a mountain vacation!!

It doesn’t get any better than that. And I KNOW that some of you all can SING!!

CLICK HERE to enter!!! First come first HEARD! 

Wednesday, November 14th

9:00 AM

Country breakfast in the lodge!! Biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, jams, jellies, sorghum molasses, orange juice, coffee, and milk. 

It’s making me hungry to type this!! 

10:00 AM

The Making Of  A Miracle
Girls, you’re going to enjoy this. That’s all I’m going to say. We will close with a short service that will end with the blessing offering being bestowed on someone. 

God knows. We don’t. As I type this I realize that the amount given will change the home of one of our own. The children in the home will be happy when momma has enough to buy groceries, pay the rent, buy a mattress, a car, or whatever the need is. God knows the need, and God will prepare OUR finances to GIVE in order to meet the need.

MY favorite thing about these awesome retreats? Giving. Seeing the tearful faces and the obvious relief of financial stress.

Just. Like. That. 

And how does is happen?

Through you!!

I’m excited. SEE you on the mountain girls!! 

I will be out of the country until November 1st. Feel free to e-mail your questions to groups@kathycrabbhannah.com

If you paid, you have a room. DO NOT worry. Just be there. ☺

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Always.

Pack your bags, pray about the election, and please vote!! 

And don’t forget about the pies and the karaoke contest. It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

I love you more than you will ever know!!!

Kathy Crabb Hannah

Check-in at 4 on the 12th and check-out at 11 on the 14th

It is expected, for this event, that multiple ladies will be occupying each room. Unless you choose a single room option, you will be assigned to a room with others. If you intend to come with a friend or friends and would like to room with them, please note their names in the appropriate section during checkout or you may email groups@kathycrabbhannah.com to let us know who you want to be assigned with. Of course, if you want to order all rooms at once below, choose the appropriate amount of tickets and enter the names at checkout and you’re all set!

Explanation of Room Types

  • Deluxe King Suite (single occupant)
  • Deluxe King Suite (shared) – 1 King bed shared by 2 ladies
  • King rooms (shared) – 1 King bed shared by 2 ladies
  • Queen room (shared) – 1 Queen bed shared by 2 ladies
  • 2 Queen room – 2 queen beds shared by 4 ladies
  • Lower Bunk – 1 of 8 ladies per room
  • Upper Bunk – 1 of 8 ladies per room

Unless you choose single occupancy for a ticket, you will be paired with another ticket paying attendee.
Purchasing a ticket only covers the cost for ONE person. If you are bringing a friend, please be sure to purchase a ticket for them as well.

A complete agenda will be posted closer to the event.

We are pricing this as affordably as possible. We want you to be able to come. Space is very limited.


Additional information

Ticket Type

Deluxe King Suite Ticket (shared with 1 other lady), Deluxe King Suite Ticket (single occupancy), King Room Ticket (shared with 1 other lady), King Room Ticket (single), Queen Room Ticket (shared with 1 other lady), Queen Room Ticket (single occupancy), Two Queen Room Ticket (shared with 3 other ladies), Four Queen Room Ticket (shared with 7 other ladies), Upper Bunk Ticket, Lower Bunk Ticket, Futon Room Ticket, 3 Day Pass


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