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Stories. We live them, we tell them, we write them, we sing them, and some of us cry all night after hearing them. The ability to convey a story, be it good or bad, is a powerful gift.

Stories are the vehicle that most of us use to find our voice, our truth. Stories break chains and free the captives. I only wish I had discovered this amazing truth 50 years ago.

These chapters are “life” stories that were so personal to me. You’re telling me your stories. I’m reading them. I’ve been reading them for nearly a year. I’ve received thousands. Many of you have unknowingly put down roots in my psyche. Your struggle, your story, came and unpacked a bag in my head. I think about you, I envision your lives, I can see your tear filled eyes in my mind’s eye, and I sense your sadness.

But here’s the good news- We’re going to make it! We’re going to be better “for” it, girls! Because what hasn’t killed us has made us STRONGER! We’ve learned how to battle. We’ve learned how to take our “stuff” back from the intruder that stole it- Satan. We’ve learned to lift each other up on bad days, and eat cake and laugh together on good days!

For the most part, these stories are your stories. Details and names are changed to protect the integrity of those I love, be it a friend, a family member, or even myself. Am I saying some of these stories are about me? I will never tell.


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