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What Is Stronger-On-Tour?

We still have a few dates left! Call 615-975-8087 or click here to book Stronger on Tour!

When we introduced Stronger-On-Tour to host churches and promoters, many would ask, “What exactly is Stronger-On-Tour?”

The truth is, pastors had rarely attended, since it is typically a three-day women’s conference in the Smoky Mountains.

These retreats were birthed organically, I am proud to say.  I wrote a book in 2015, a bit of a “life story” book, entitled Stronger.  I wrote the raw truth of pain, gain, and the hard-knock life that led to ministry, in spite of MY imperfect road.  It resonated.  Women bought the book and they read it.  Thousands wrote letters and sent them to me.  I was not only shocked at the sheer volume of the letters, I was SHOOK when I read their stories of abuse, abandonment, grief, and every other painful scenario I had ever imagined.

What was this?  90% of these ladies were church girls.  90% of the letters said, “I’ve never told ANYONE this” and then they would unload.  Scandalous stories that had left them wounded, bleeding out on everyone who tried to love them.

The seed was buried alive and was continuing to manifest in most of them.  God spoke to me in definitive terms concerning these women.  At this point, these were people I had never met, smiles I had never seen.  They were only REAL to me through their graphic messages and e-mails.  Yet, I couldn’t sleep, their stories haunted me.  I prayed often, but I knew there was more, another task, another plan.

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All Stronger On Tour events are open to the public the evening of the event. Doors will open one hour before the starting time.

Who's gonna be there?

The Stronger Ladies

Kathy Crabb Hannah ~ Stronger Founder, Crabb Family Matriarch, Author, and Music Manager
Krystal Lawing ~ Speaker, Church Leadership Instructor
Kelly Bowling ~ Original Member Of The Crabb Family, Recording Artist, Speaker
Terah Crabb Penhollow ~ Original Member Of The Crabb Family, Recording Artist, Speaker
Amanda Crabb ~ Pastor at Restoring Hope Church, Revivalist, Recording Artist
Hope Bowling ~ Recording Artists
Katelanne Bowling ~ Recording Artist
Ashleigh Crabb ~ Recording Artist
Gracie Bowling ~ Recording Artist

Pop-Up Guests  (one or more of these guests will pop-up at each location!)

Jason and Shellye Crabb
Pastor Aaron Crabb
Adam and Kaitlin Crabb
Eden Nicole
Karen Harding

The Band  (select dates)

Band Leader ~ Blaine Johnson
Drums ~ Michael Rowsey
Bass ~ Randy Smith
Guitar ~ Zach Booth
Audio ~ John Jeffrey

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God was up to SOMETHING.  I am painfully aware that ministry is messy, and I am aware that we must examine a door before we open and enter.  I was near retirement and didn’t want to complicate my plans for this last season of my life.  I have worked hard for decades, and I was looking forward to doing less, not more.  I am a planner, and my plan was Florida in the winter, and Tennessee in the summer.  I have seventeen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and I wanted to spend time doing granny things as well.  Ha!!

My plans were locked down, or so I thought.

The Lord woke me about 3 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, in the spring of 2015.  In my spirit I felt the “build it and they will come” analogy.  I went to my living room and said, “God, what does this mean?  I know you’re trying to give me instruction, and I know it’s about THE women, but I need to KNOW that I KNOW … because I am busy, and THIS has to be YOU, or I don’t have the time to commit.  If it’s NOT completely YOUR WILL, I’m out!”

The answer was clear, and very simple:  Bring these women together.  Gather them like a momma gathers her children.

No matter the season of life, I’ve learned that when God entrusts us with a “thing” that He has designed?  It’s so much more than our human ambition would devise.  His will?  His bill.  His plan?  I’m in.

The instructions were simple.

Minister to them through your own pain, minister through your own experiences and the TRUTH of God’s word.  Make it safe, bring excellence in ALL that you do, and treat them like the daughters of a KING.  So with that, Stronger was birthed.

From 2016 until 2019, our family hosted a dozen three day events built on this premise.  Come as you are.  You are safe.  This is a place where the weak help the strong.  The Lord blessed, and thousands of women were delivered from their secret pain.  They grew stronger:  They became better moms, wives, sisters, daughters, employees, teachers, pastors, singers, and on and on.

This sisterhood learned to pray corporately.  They learned to organize food drops for those in need.  They became an army, rooted in prayer, but never afraid of giving, serving, doing.

When the Lord birthed the vision He plainly spoke:  These women will bond in such a way that it will be unseemly, unusual, but it’s MY plan.  The will visit each other in the hospital, in prisons, in the toughest of times.  They will be the family that some never had.  They will not only love in their daily living, they will love in the end.  They will bury each other.  They will stand together in death as they did in life.

In a few short years, we have witnessed this time after time.  Friends for life, bonded by a mountain experience, a Holy Ghost encounter, that changed them FOREVER.  They learned to trust again.  They enjoyed having friends again.  The support of this army of women has been a game-changer for many during the struggles of their present circumstance.

When 2020 came, when the pandemic brought about new challenges, the three-day MOUNTAIN event was not possible.  Housing, feeding, and sharing everything was not an option in this season.

However, over the last five years, the idea of Stronger-On-Tour was the subject of several meetings and brainstorming sessions here in Nashville.  But it never seemed to work out for schedules, until now.

As 2021 approached, the idea resurfaced.  And as we ALL know, when God’s timing is right?  It works out.  We know that ladies EVERYWHERE are in need of a special night, a special touch that only happens when the room is full of praise, faith, and the expectation of miracles!!

So here we are.  We are SO excited!!  God’s timing is PERFECT!!  The team is in place and ready to bring old-fashioned revival!!

We are coming to a CITY near you!!!  And I proclaim that YOUR city will never be the SAME!!

I have seen GOD do things that NO ONE THOUGHT HE could do.

I am EXPECTING MIRACLES in every SINGLE one of these services.

Buckle up!!  We’re headed your way!


Kathy Crabb Hannah

Truth Talk with Kathy Crabb Hannah


So here’s what I’ve been doing. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You don’t want to miss the good stuff. 😮 Some of y’all have been following my story for years….so now? We’re fixing to get real. Stock up on popcorn 🍿


Stronger: Kathy Crabb

Stronger - Kathy Crabb HannahFor many years I have known that I would one day write a book. The Lord confirmed this several times, and I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when. I knew I wanted to put on paper my vivid memories of “that” day that God gave me the vision for the Crabb Family journey, a long time before there was a bus and a career. This was  before there was a “branded”  Crabb Family. It’s a God story, a miracle story. The many seasons of pain, the fight with evilness to keep my sanity after I was attacked in a dark parking lot by a random stranger, who cut my throat and left me for dead. That story needed to be told. My souvenir would be 43 stitches in my throat, and a lifetime of post traumatic stress syndrome. The surprise divorce I was “handed” a few months before my 50th birthday, the disbandment of the touring Crabb Family, and being forced to start over at 50. I was 52 and unemployed. This “survival” story needed to be shared. But it had to be the “right” time.

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