She Persisted (Book)




Kathy Crabb Hannah wrote her first book at age 58.  She thought it was a whim, a journal of sorts for her grandchildren. However, her story continues to add unexpected chapters. The Crabb Family stories were familiar to us. We know about the beautiful blended family, that’s built on love not blood, we know about the hardships that Kathy walked through in her first release, Stronger. We read of the near death experience of her youth. We read of the miracles and the Jesus moments that changed lives and destinies.  We knew that the road she walked was strewn with the unusual.

Stronger released to an audience that was anxious to read and walk through the stories. They loved the roller coaster of the tears and laughs. But nothing prepared the reader or the author for what happened NEXT. The day that Kathy Crabb Hannah decided that a story was worth writing was the day that the devil became nervous. Her writing style is raw and sometimes painfully honest. She dares others to find their own truths. As a result, the world of women’s ministry has a new kid in town. Stronger Retreats were birthed from the book that became a movement. For those who think God is winding your OWN life down as you approach retirement age, I dare you to read “She Persisted!”

This book is a testimony that our “latter can be greater than our former.” Just when we think God is finished, He writes a whole new chapter in our book of life! This book takes us behind the scenes and dares us to believe for a miracle. If you are wondering if God can do what you NEED Him to do? This is your read. Take the journey.


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