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HOW CAN I FINANCE MY EVENT?It's easier than you think.

Paypal Financing

If you’ve ordered from our site, you know that we’ve used PayPal to process our credit card orders. Well, did you know that you are able to finance through PayPal if you are a member? That’s right, 6 month, 9 month and sometimes 12 month financing is available to PayPal Members who apply.

How do I get financing for an event?

Well, it’s easier than you think – before you check out, if you’re not a member already, head to and set up a free account. They will direct you on how to set up your account and so on. Once you’re all set up with them, head back to our site at and add your item to the cart to start your checkout process. When you checkout, you’ll be able to login to PayPal and get the option to finance your order for 6 or more months – aaaah, isn’t that nice?

What items are eligible?

In most cases, larger priced items like our events will be available to you upon checkout. Smaller items like books, CDs, etc are most likely not included. AND, you must be a PayPal member to be eligible for the financing – normal checkout via credit card won’t see the option.

So, there you have it – a nice option to spread out payments on things like our awesome women’s events. We hope this makes getting there all the easier!


While PayPal Financing is available, it is the decision of PayPal on who is eligible via an application process. PayPal is in no way associated with Kathy Crabb Hannah’s ministry and is only used by us for processing. Being declined for financing is not a decision made by our organization, but one made by PayPal.