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Join the Stronger Street Team!

Hear me out.

Your responsibility? Help me help others. We will be responsible for populating information to the world. I will call on you at times to share your stories and thoughts. If you’re up to the challenge, keep reading. This is strictly for social media. You won’t be asked to knock on doors or call all your relatives:) The job will require a minute or two of your time, every week or so. It’s a social media gig.

If you are willing to post about upcoming events that bring change, deliverance, and hope, you’re the perfect candidate. I will ask you periodically to write your thoughts and post event posters, new product covers, and many exciting things as it relates to ministry. It will be ALL ministry folks. Now, if you are extremely engaged in social media, or you have been to a retreat or conference, you are VERY likely to be chosen for the STRONGER STREET TEAM.

STREET TEAM MEMBERS will occasionally be invited to work behind the scenes at events as well. Members will be privy to BIG announcements first, as well as the opportunity to hear about new book release plans, new music, and special event information before it’s announced – and my favorite part, I plan to do a private event in the near future for THE STREET TEAM.

If you are ready and up to the task, sign up today!

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