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Stronger Family Sponsorships

By May 6, 2016From Kathy

Kathy Crabb HannahHere’s the (wonderful) deal . . .

Did you know that people care about you and you don’t even know them!? That’s right, people all over this country are stepping up to provide the resources to allow women, families, and children to come to the upcoming Stronger Family Conference. Yes, great generosity still exists! We set up this forum to allow these “sponsors” a glimpse into the lives of men, women and families that could benefit from this latest conference. Please enter your stories below as a comment (you must be registered). Please keep it to the point, but do allow us an idea of why you think you are a good choice for being sponsored.

Please know, that this isn’t intended to be a “sweepstakes” of any kind . . . we know there are people who really need to be there, but just can’t make it happen on their own. Not all who post will be sponsored, but this will be a helpful tool for those who are praying and thinking about who to sponsor. Thank you in advance for your participation!

ONE MAJOR THING – If you decide to sponsor one of the stories below, you MUST enter a comment to that story that it has been sponsored. This will be a first come, first served basis, so the first comment that is shown claiming sponsorship will be the one we will accept. You can head to the sponsorship payment page by using the button on this page (lower on page for mobile devices).

Please note: These stories will be visible to non-registered users. To add your story, login  or register and enter add it as a reply at the bottom of this page.

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