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Please enjoy this property as much as we do. Our home is your home. We’ve prayed over this beautiful place, we’ve anointed it, and we believe that God will show up and meet you there. Let the beautiful surroundings remind you how big God is. He knows your struggles and He’s able to handle whatever it is that keeps you up at night. It’s a fabulous place. It’s near Pier Park on Panama City’s beautiful emerald coast. The sunsets are beautiful and the large outdoor space is ready for your enjoyment.

This property is not on a public rental site. We rent to friends and family only. We respectfully ask that you not smoke, drink, or bring pets. as we are allergic to animals and cigarettes.

Property Details:

  • Master bedroom with a king, a small Guest room, and a sleeper sofa.
  • Property is beach front and one story above the pools and sun deck / 6 floors above the ocean (perfect unit for people who don’t like heights).
  • It’s near Pier Park and has parking under the building. This unit is beside the elevator. So convenient!!
  • Parking is through 4th floor, pool on 5, we’re on 6.

Rental Rules:

  • We rent a 7 day stay from Saturday to Saturday (no exceptions).
  • Parking is through 4th floor, pool on 5, we’re on 6.
  • You will receive a text code about a week before your stay. Be sure to include a cell number that will receive texts when you book your condo.
  • We have pet allergies, so no furry friends.
  • If you need assistance after arriving, please contact Sandy @ +1 (678) 943-3226.
  • If you plan to leave early, please text your leave time and unit number to +1 (678) 943-3226

A few other things:

  • Swim bands are $2 each and can be purchased at the 5th floor office. They are good for the entire year. Feel free to leave them for the next guest if you’re the generous type:)
  • Linens are provided, a full service kitchen, washer and dryer, wi-if, and HD television.
  • Check in is at 4 pm, check out at 10 am-unless you’ve made other arrangements with us.
  • Feel free to use beach towels and anything we have in this beach home:)
  • Wi-Fi Password: 8779121550

My cell is 615-975-8087


Kathy Crabb Hannah

Weekly Pricing

(Saturday to Saturday)
$1000 for January
$1000 for February
$1500 for March
$1600 for April
$1500 for May
$1750 for June
$1800 for July
$1600 for August
$1500 for September
$1400 for October
$1200 for November
$1000 for December

Add $100 for cleaning fee.

Availablity for the Pink Flamingo

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